Today’s a Good Day to “Take Out the Trash” (Preparing for the Total Solar Eclipse)

Solar_eclipse_1999_4_NRWelcome to the positive disruption…

If you think a full moon and Mercury in Retrograde put a damper on your best laid plans, hold onto your seat.

Symbolically, the total solar eclipse brings change – and who the heck wants that in the middle of a perfectly good work week? But more than that, it means getting rid of the old, worn out and toxic beliefs in order to shed a light of clarity on what’s in your best and highest good.

Today’s a good day to “take out the trash.” Consider what negative emotions, patterns of thinking and behavior, and possibly even what relationships are unhealthy for you, and vow to toss them out of your life. It’s also a good time to consider what it is you’ve always wanted to accomplish or become, and take one step to do or be that.

While the eclipse may happen overnight – voiding out toxic patterns and replacing them with positive ones will take time and regular reinforcement. For example, to this day, I sometimes have negative self-talk that likes to creep in. When it does, I remind myself “That is not who I am anymore,” and consciously replace it with a more positive thought. I, like many, am a work in progress.


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