The Accidental Podcast

About six months ago, I started my own podcast … somewhat by accident. A company I’ve been working with for years asked me if I knew what it would take for them to host their own broadcast. I confessed that I didn’t, but being insatiably curious about how things work, I told them I’d do a little research.

And research I did … Between online “how to” blogs and talking with people who had successful shows, I was confident I knew what to do in theory if not in practice. The problem was, many people had a team to work with to produce, edit, publish and market said show, and I was just a one-woman operation. So, I enlisted the help of my tech-savvy husband and decided to attempt to set up equipment, record, edit and submit a single show just to make sure I knew how to do it. Not wanting to potentially mar the good name of the company I was working for, I decided to experiment on my own time with my own business.


I fell down the rabbit hole from there…

I followed an online suggestion to submit the show to multiple platforms by setting up an RSS feed … Then I was advised to link my social media accounts … Then it was producing a certain number of shows and submitting to even larger entities … And why not become an affiliate while I’m at it?


And Then There Were the Guests

While I really wasn’t sure exactly what form the show would take, I knew that I wanted each guest to be able to share the tricks of their respective trades and give guidance to those interested in understanding more about varied fields. I also wanted it to be a non-political platform where people could talk about causes that are important to them and educate listeners.

What totally surprised me is the amazing people who agreed to be on the show … from filmmaker to Sky Bergman talking about following one’s career passion to magician Nathan Coe Marsh sharing what it takes to be successful entertainer, and from spiritual teacher Beatriz Orive discussing Shamanism and its role in the world today to Guitar virtuoso Jami Gee raising awareness about violence and discrimination against people who are transgender … I suddenly had a diverse roundup of unparalleled talent.

In future blogs, I’ll be sharing some of their wisdom and key takeaways; but for now, I encourage you to give the show a listen by CLICKING HERE. If it resonates with you, please hit the “subscribe” button on the main page.

I’d like to say I planned this all along; but this Thanksgiving, I am just grateful for happy accidents.


Note: The Birdland Media Works podcast is available on iHeart Radio, Spreaker, Stitcher, TuneIn, SoundClound, iTunes, Amazon and Sonos streaming. 

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