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Writing and Content Strategy – Birdland offers a per-project rate on a variety of services such as web page content, feature articles, ghost writing, blogs, corporate training materials and newsletters.

While each assignment is unique, here is a guideline for pricing on the most requested items (includes research, interviews, links, references, and formatting where required).

  • Feature Article (~1200 words): $399
  • Web Content/Blog/Press Releases (~600 words): $229
  • Newsletters (~500 words): $279

Book Editing and Proofing – Prior to publication, books should go through at least three rounds of edits: heavy content editing, copyediting, and proofing. We recommend that these are accomplished by more than one editor. Birdland can work with authors throughout this process. As a general guideline, estimate that major content and copyediting will average $4 per page, and proofing will average $2 per page.

Book Assessments – Prior to book publication, authors may want to have their book read and thoroughly critiqued for elements such as plot and character development, continuity, and writing style. A two- to five-page assessment will point out potential problem areas to be addressed before the author submits their book to a publisher. Assessments begin at $379.

Web Advertising – Birdland will facilitate ad purchasing on an author’s behalf with, Facebook, Twitter, BookTalk, BookBuzz, DigitalBookToday, Google Adwords and more. We’ll also help the author work with a designer to create the perfect ad campaign. 

Book Review Submission – Birdland will facilitate book submission for NetGalley, Publisher’s Weekly, Kirkus, Clarion and more book(s) reviewed on behalf of the author. 

Pricing varies per project. Contact Danielle Palli at 305-791-NEST (6378) or email for more information. 

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