Books by Danielle Palli

Past Life Handbook Trilogy (Level One Travel Experience) 

It was meant to be a simple team-building exercise, but when Sibley Rosenbaum and several colleagues from the Metaphysical Journal are sent to Pathways, a state-of-the-art counseling spa that specializes in virtual past life simulations, their reality begins to unravel. Sent back to the 1920s during the height of prohibition, they are each forced to come to terms with past-life demons that have been stirring up strange psychological and metaphysical symptoms, calling into question the ethics of Pathways using the team as unwitting test subjects. All this, and Sibley’s got a deadline … a 1200-word feature article about her experience due by Friday. (Cover art by Joan PetersPublication Date: TBD)

The Data Collectors 

Much like we observe and collect data about our environment, wildlife, and endangered species, the Data Collectors were sent here to collect and report back information about us. At one time, humans lived on many planets, in many solar systems; but now we are endangered, and currently live on a single planet … Earth. The Data Collectors are trying to determine what is causing our near extinction to save humans as a species. Meanwhile, special interest groups would rather see the human race die off sooner, rather than later. After all, if they can preserve what natural resources we have left, Earth is prime intergalactic real estate. (Cover art by Joan Peters; Publication Date: Spring 2018)


794270Acting Out Yoga Presents: Harvir in the Amazon

The first in the Acting Out Yoga series is Acting Out Yoga Presents: Harvir in the Amazon. In this story, Harvir must rescue the famous dancer, Elsa, after she is snatched from her village by an evil dragon. Enlisting the help of the medicine woman, along with some surprising jungle creatures, Harvir embarks on a journey that takes him deep into the Amazon Rainforest. Harvir in the Amazon is dedicated to Angels of the Amazon, a nonprofit organization that provides much-needed school supplies and medical care to young children in the Amazon Jungle. (Author: Danielle Palli/Illustrator: Jessica L. Clark; Publication Date: August, 2011)              

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957486Acting Out Yoga Presents: Anna in Paris

The second book in the Acting Out Yoga series is Acting Out Yoga Presents: Anna in Paris, the story of a little girl whose mischievous pet ferret, Fondue, wanders off at the Gare de Lyon station. While Anna runs all over the city looking for him, he’s busy imitating everything he sees through yoga poses. This book is dedicated to the Healthy Start Coalition of Manatee County, a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing maternal and infant health care. (Author: Danielle Palli/Illustrator: Joan Peters; Publication Date: June, 2013)             

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